Личный кабинет
Electronic Concierge HOTY is
a revolutionary device for
A revolutionary device for a guest
while traveling to another city or country
communication capabilities
Multi language
communication with hotel
Hotel guide
And City guide
Hoty clear and easy to manage
The most interesting thing in town with convenient navigation

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All information about the hotel, services and room service

• Room service
• Restaurants
• Service
• About hotel
• Room cleaning
• Wake up call

Hoty structure
Free calls and internet

HOTY is an absolutely free travel assistant. HOTY is really free! You can call as much as you need in Russia and in European countries, China, USA using international data codes of countries, and unlimited high-speed 3G / LTE Internet will help you to always stay in touch with family and friends.

Online chat
A convenient form of guest communication with the hotel staff to solve any problems or fulfill the wishes of the guest in his native language. If you speak your native language and you have problems communicating with the hotel staff, you can easily solve this problem with the help of Chat. You write your request in your native language and receive an immediate response from the hotel staff in your language. HOTY contains professional on-line translation systems to improve guest's communication with the hotel.
Hotel guide
• Room service HOTY allows the guest to choose and order food, drinks in the room at any time, without using additional means of communication. After the service, the guest can leave a feedback on the speed and quality of service with one click 

• Service — in this section you can choose the services offered by the hotel with a further call to the reception for booking 

• Room cleaning — with the help of this section you can request the cleaning of the room at a time convenient for you (for confirmation, your room number is required) 

• Wake Up Call — is an alarm clock. Choose a convenient time and you will be awakened 

• About hotel — here you can see the history of the hotel, the categories of rooms, photo galleries 

• User account — here you see your personal information (full name, room number) and the history of your orders
City guide
The city guide HOTY contains carefully chosen, necessary and interesting places to visit, opening hours of these places, a map of travel. The guest does not need to waste time searching for interesting places, information about them and the routes of their visit - we have already done this for you!
Many other useful functions for the guest:
• Social
• Taxi
• Reservation of restaurants
• Announcements of interesting events in the city
• Purchase of tickets
• Push-notification about interesting events and events in the hotel