Личный кабинет
The electronic concierge HOTY provides
the hotel with revolutionary opportunities
to interact with the guest
and helps to earn more
Personal account
HOTY — revolution of hotel service

• Old phone
• Paper Information
• A bunch of guidebooks
• Queue to concierge


• Information about the hotel on the screen of gadget
• Interactive chat with a guest in his language
• Special offers and promotions online
• High sales of additional services
• Modern navigation and guest help
• Information about the hotel on the screen of gadget

Advertising slider

Provides the hotel the opportunity to post information about hot promotions, special offers and hotel events. Increase sales of restaurants, bars, spa complex, rooms of high category.

Every day from every room the hotel
earns 1000 - 2500 ₽ more
The function of push notifications HOTY opens for the hotel new opportunities for interaction with the guest and ensures the information of the guests at the highest level. The system will report on the status of the guest's order, and the hotel manager can send a personal message to the guest or group of guests with information about a special offer or promotion. Personalized work with each guest will increase the level of service quality and sales volumes for hotel services.
Hotel guide
Ability to make direct orders with delivery to the room: breakfast, a la carte menu, dessert menu, bar
Information about hotel services and useful information for guest
Cleaning in the room is available on request, order cleaning for today or tomorrow at a time convenient for the quest
Restaurants and bars with reservation table function
Hotel description, rooms, rooms, photo gallery
Possibility to order wake up call
Online chat
A convenient form of guest communication with the hotel staff to solve any problems or fulfill the wishes of the guest in his native language. If the guest speaks their native language and you have communication problems, you can easily solve this problem using Chat. You write your request in your native language and the guest is immediately answered in their own language. HOTY contains professional on-line translation systems to improve guest's communication with the hotel.
Obtain information about the purchases of the guest and improve sales. Analytical platform HOTY allows you to get clear data about the purchases of your guests, and to form for each kind of guests its unique offer.

Complex big data analyticsHOTY allows the hotel to collect and process the data necessary to better understand and anticipate guests' requests. The analytical platform provides all the necessary information about the guest: location, orders, services, his interest in special offers and sorts everything into categories. It is possible to select statistics by the categories of guests, their residence time, to track the effectiveness of using HOTY tools, such as special promotions and push notifications. data are generated in full-fledged reports.
Easy to setup
You do not have to specially train staff, all settings are available in an intuitive interface

• Interactive admin panel is understandable and easy to use
• Register the guest, enter personal data and bind to the device HOTY 
• All active device users are shown on the screen
• Information about the gadget using and the location of the guest, the active chat button, in one click you go to the desired section

Installing the systemHOTY does not require additional costs and installation of equipment. Cloud service allows you to work from any stationary computer in the hotel. In your account you just enter your login and password and you are already in the HOTY system, and the management can control the quality level of the service, while outside the office.

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