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HOTY created
for the hotel business
HOTY — the operating system created for the hotel business, which provides more opportunities to increase the income of the hotel and allows a qualitative improvement in the level of service for guests.

Our goal is to provide hotels with effective tools to increase customer loyalty and increase revenue, and guests have unlimited access to information about the hotel and the city, providing unlimited communications and the Internet.
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Manukov Daniil


More than seven years in marketing and four years in the hotel industry. He took an active part in the life of the industry, answering for the promotion of the "Hot Business Forum" and marketing at the Boutique-Hotel MONA.

Responsible for project development, marketing, coordinated and efficient team work.

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Dolgov Aleksandr


Many years of experience in managing development teams and IT departments of companies. He knows how to automate any business processes of the enterprise from the banking sector to the hotel business.

Responsible for the development and technical support. Coordinates the work of the team of programmers. 

Ivanov Roman


Certified expert in the development of highly loaded projects. Causes the services to work quickly and reliably.

Haritonov Ilia


More than 10 years of experience in the development of user interfaces. Knows how the interface is friendly, and the user - happy.