Личный кабинет
HOTY - your personal electronic concierge inside the hotel and around the city.
A smartphone for travellers providing:
4G Internet
Unlimited domestic
and international calls (Europe, US, China)
Direct communication
with hotel
HOTY gives you:
Hotel and
City guide
Multi-language online
chat with hotel
Messengers and
social networking apps
Access to
search engines
Taxi finder
Games for children

HOTY is absolutely free for the guests 
Take me with you and enjoy!

We aim to provide a revolutionary service for guests in foreign cities. Take HOTY with you for free both inside and outside the hotel, enjoying fast and unlimited Internet and free international calls, with all the charges already covered! No more need to overpay for roaming on your own device, just use HOTY!

Be constantly in touch with your hotel, using our interactive online chat, translating to your language of choice. Don't get lost in the city, using an automatic system of street sign recognition and city navigation! HOTY amp; will prepare an up-to date selection of the most interesting and fashionable spots in the city for your time of stay. Whether you want to find a restaurant or buy tickets to theatre - HOTY will find the fastest route to them, the best deals, and help you book them instantly!

Structure and Opportunities Hoty
HOTY is equipped with a mobile SIM-card. HOTY - A new innovative hotel operating system.
Located in every room and available to all guests for free! Each device is equipped with a protective case and a magnetic USB cable for charging.
Free calls and Internet HOTY is absolutely free of charge for the guests, including all calls and internet data used. No more need to overpay for roaming and constantly search for the wifi point!
Hotel Guide Our hotel guide section provides guests with all the information on latest hotel, restaurants and spa services, with the latest promotion deals and simple instant booking.

Structure and Opportunities Hoty
Interactive chat HOTY Interactive multi-language chat is using latest translation services. Hotel staff will also be able to receive all requests and comments from the guest in an instant manner through our specially designed App. This will increase the response rate of hotel staff, making the guest's rest more comfortable and carefree.
City Guide City guide will inform about the best attractions and events in the city. The best restaurants and shops for shopping will be available for hotel guests.
There are many other useful features for both the guest and the hotel: • Taxi ordering
• Restaurants reservation
• Up to date events in the city
• Ticket reservations
• Push-notifications for promotions and special offers by the hotel
Administrative panel Every HOTY device is integrated with the Cloud administrative panel, visible on the manager's computer. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to use for the manager. The panel helps monitor ongoing, completed and newly received orders, tracking their current progress, as well as enabling to instantly communicate with the staff trough push notifications using HOTY app on their own phones.


HOTY provides revolutionary modern analytical tools for tracking and improving the quality of services provided by your hotel. Our administrative panel and newest data analytic tools helps track of all operations taking place within the hotel, providing valuable information about clients and performance of the hotel team.
Information storage and analytics of guest requests, their interests, orders and preferences. This is combined with data on the speed and quality of hotel staff response to guest enquiries. All information is aggregated in the form of graphical reports, providing valuable data for hotel management, indicating areas needed for improvement, in turn helping increase operational effectiveness and improve efficiency.

All guest reviews in Tripadvisor App are stored. This allows the hotel management to immediately respond to feedback,giving a chance to work with preferences of the guests during their stay.

HOTY calculator
Please take the opportunity to calculate the efficiency of HOTY for your the hotel. Our research indicates a potential increase in revenue from additional sales by an average of 30%!

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